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EvolvHealth has products that has helped improve my quality of life and I would like to share my experience.   –  Ann James – April 11, 2019

My Testimonial

In October 2018, I developed “golfer’s elbow”. Shortly after, I began waking up with discomfort in my joints. After about 20 minutes of movement, the soreness/heaviness in the joints was gone. There must be something to the saying – “motion is lotion”.  The discomfort from the golfer’s elbow, however, was constant. 

Fast forward to March 3rd.   A friend makes a post on FB about results she had derived from supplements she had started taking. When I read the name of the one of the supplements, I knew at that time I would be going down a “rabbit hole”.    The one that got my attention was called “Limitless”.  In going to the company’s website, it also comes to my attention that the product is referred to as “Limitless Potential”. 

I placed an order the very next day (3/4/19) – Integrative Health Kit – same as my friend.  It included Limitless.  Within three days the order arrived and I immediately began taking them.  Three days later, I woke up and stepped out of bed – my joints had zero discomfort.  Five days later, the golfer’s elbow – gone.  In eight days, all evidence of discomfort or pain was totally non-existent.  Made a believer out of me as well as my husband.  He is now taking the Hemp oil – Entourage2 and Limitless.  What have we observed – his blood pressure is the best it has been in a long time.  He continues to monitor it everyday.

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