The Keys to Limitless Potential

The Keys to Limitless Potential



“I AM Limitless.”

This is how I begin my day.  When I say these words I feel the expansion – the expansion of my body, my mind, my spirit, my soul – the expansion of my Universe. 

My world HAS expanded and does feel limitless since the inception of choosing my “mantra” for 2019.  On December 31st, a group of friends gathered at my home to celebrate the beginning of the new year (2019).  On arriving, a friend – Dena, gave me a beautiful mala that she commissioned someone to create for me.  It was made with natural stones – garnet, phantom quartz and lepidolite.  As a bonus, it matched my attire perfectly.  A couple of hours later, the group set about setting their intentions for the upcoming year and some of us elected to select a word or mantra.  Mine was “Limitless”.

Some of the guests stayed over to celebrate New Year’s Day with us.  Late in the day (Jan 1), as Dena was preparing to leave, she discovers that the artisan had included a description of the mala in the packaging – it was at the bottom of the box that it was mailed in.  That description included the name of the mala as well as the beads used and their properties.  The artisan, Alison Sherwood, named the mala, “The Keys to Limitless Potential”.  As Dena hands over the description, her eyes are big and bright AND she has a huge smile on her face.  The synchronicity is not lost on any of us.  Thus, I began using the phrase “Limitless Potential”.

Since that day – I have become aware that I am an unlimited being with limitless potential – as we all are. 

I AM looking forward to wonderful, limitless opportunities to come my way in 2019.

Thank you, Dena, for gifting me this mala that I will always cherish.

Thank you, Alison, for creating this beautiful work of art.

Description of mala included in packaging by artisan, Alison Sherwood

Also included in packaging