Ann James currently resides in the “Big Thicket” area of southeast Texas with her husband, Paul.  She has been involved with alternative healing resources for many years.  Her journey began in 1975 with Transcendental Meditation™ and yoga.  Although the practice of the two went by the wayside for a long period of time, she had unknowingly allowed herself to think out of the box in her early years of life.  What it also did was leave her open to possibilities in later years.

The introduction to energy healing work came about through her position as a registered dietitian at a major hospital.  It was when a young patient in the Physical Rehabilitation Unit experienced a “miraculous” recovery that energy healing came to light.  The patient’s family members introduced her to Reiki.  She pursued Reiki in order to help alleviate a shoulder problem that she had been having for 3 years.  A one time session took care of the pain she had been experiencing, and from that day on there was no looking back.  She didn’t know the how or the why, but she knew that having a tool to provide a better quality of life as she grew older was important to her.  As time moved on, the pursuit of other methods to gain more insight led her down a path of adding other modalities.  Over the past 23 years, areas of study include Reiki Master/Teacher (1997), Healing Touch, Quantum Entrainment, Theta Healing, Sound and Color Resonance, Quantum-Touch®, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Access Consciousness® Bars and Access Energetic Facelift™.  Ann works with Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, tuning pipes, tingshas and tuning forks.  Sessions involving relaxation and stress release through sound and music provides much benefit in the realm of healing.   She also facilitates group Sound Baths.  A few years ago, Ann began including essential oils as part of her wellness practices.  To learn more of her story read Journey Into The Healing Arts.

Another important aspect of Ann’s life centers around being a rock hound.  She’s had an affinity for rocks, stones and crystals for many years.  As a wire artist, she exhibited and sold her work at shows throughout Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi.  Ann is a member of the Pine Country Gem and Mineral Society (PCGMS), Houston Gem and Mineral Society (HGMS) and the Rolling Rock Club.

For the latest rock related excitement in her life, Ann has opened a rock shop, Earth’s Cache, which Paul jokingly refers to as “Ann’s playhouse”.

Ann finds great joy in teaching others how they can improve their lives.  She feels she has found her purpose in life.